Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perianal Sweat... Why You Should Use Deodorant

She looks hot! Very warm, indeed!
Eccrine sweat glands are found only in primates and reach their greatest development in humans. They are distributed all over the body, producing sweat for cooling. When we are warm, the hypothalamus tells the eccrine glands to start cooling us off as the sweat evaporates.

Apocrine sweat glands are larger and are limited to axilla (armpits) and perianal areas in humans. Because of the substances that are contained within apocrine sweat (e.g. protein, ammonia, lipids, chromogranins) it has a more thick and milky consistency than eccrine sweat. The healthy bacteria covering your body loves to munch away on apocrine sweat, and they multiply and divide when there is apocrine sweat. As the grow, they produce a lot of waste, which is what causes body odor.

Do you wear deodorant, or antiperspirant? There are some whisper going around about cancer and aluminum in many antiperspirants. The next post may be about a connection between the two!

52 scientific replies:

xxmugenxx said...

Interesting, i ll be waiting for that next post to see more about that cancer and antiperspirant problem!

Milky said...

I use deodrant, I heard antiperspirant can be bad for you ;/

Diego Sousa said...

cancer by deodorant is a myth i think

To Tipota said...

I always use a deodorant roll-on. Also i shave my armpits from time to time and add talcum powder. Great post.

Neon said...

You should use Deo to not fail at girls ;)
I use 8x4 for men, or adidas action 3 intensive or Pro Level

T Papar said...

the dove for-men i use says its ant-perspirant and deodorant. am i screwed?

GMSoccerPicks said...

I never heard of that one. I use the regular Axe deodorant hahaha im lucky i dont sweat much i guess.

KalOo said...

i use axe. i dont like those antitranspirants. never smell nice and give those ugly stamps on your tshirt

Natural One said...

I've heard about the aluminum, I think I'd rather take my chances than smell like a hamburger

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I avoid deodorants with aluminum, just because they make my skin feel really weird.

Shaw said...

I haven't worn deodorant in years

Rob said...

I wish more of my friends would wear deodorant :/

SoreLosersGaming said...

Of course I wear them! Sweating is not a good thing to be doing unless you are exercising.

marrujoa said...

I like the detailed information. I can't wait to see what the next entry entails.

leanmeansteen said...

i use deodorant, not antiperspirant. and i really like sweaty girls.

Liaata said...

i liked your post alot, deodorant for ever :D

Electric Addict said...

i use just deodorant but nothing extra on that

Fizzums said...

Deodorant and an undershirt for me.

Clueless Dolphin said...

Of course I wear armpit goo! (that's what I call deodorant)

Adam said...

just deodrant for me too :)

Haunter said...

I guess you could always try to just only use it on physical days. Like if you have a desk job just make a point to shower before work but if it's summer and you have no ac then rock out. That or if you are going out dancing or doing something active.

GENETICS said...

@Haunter: Good idea, Haunter! You know, Matt McConaughey never uses deodorant! Not even on physical days!

Batow said...

It's a problem if she's sweating? I'd still marry her immediately if possible.

Gryt said...

Dat sweat stain. I just checked my Deo, and sure enough Aluminum Zirconium something something was the "active ingredient." Whether that causes cancer or not is up to debate.

Chris said...

I think deodorant is a must, especially for us men. Sometimes I can smell myself, and I'd die if I was a girl smelling that.

Drumsticks said...

I've read about this Aluminum thing before and as I read again, it gives me the chills. Apparently there is another ingredient called Sodium lauryl sulfate (cancer risk) and this ingredient is in almost every shampoo, soap, detergents, etc. we typically use, pretty scary stuff...

TheUndeclaredWinner said...

I put deodorant on every morning, and every night after I shower. It's no good to smell like a pigs's ass all day while you are working.

convictus said...

I missed the pit sweat in the picture. I had to look hard to figure out why it was included. I use deodorant, but now I'm not sure if it is an antiperspirant. I remember reading about antiperspirant being bad for you, but never followed up on it.

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

As far as I ever know, the aluminum in deodorants do not cause cancer...but they DO cause the phenomenon known on the street as "tags."

No, seriously, you ever watch Viva La Bam? Y'know his uncle, Don Vitto (oh jesus Don THERE'S a character), yeah he's an incredibly obese man with many MANY physical issues and such, not to mention an incredibly hilarious speech impediment (ABACUS!!!!) but he ALSO suffers from the ailment of tags.

Basically the aluminum (or whatever) just builds up under the skin and forces itself into a small ball of flesh surrounding that equally small amount of aluminum, forcing the ball away from the flesh and creating a semi-elongated, loosely-connected lump.

Strangely enough I can't find any specific information 'bout them 'cept that if you go to a doctor they'll recommend that you go to a dermatologist...who will then recommend to you a plastic surgeon who can cut 'em off.

Makes my conspiracy sense tingle, I tells ya...

Bulletproof Zombie said...

I don't use deodorant, but to be fair, I remain in air-conditioned areas and I shower often.

Publius said...

Interesting stuff... so what do you think? Should we use deoderant?

Morph1n3 said...

That looks like some hard math. :(

GENETICS said...

@Morph1n3: What math? Are we reading the same post?

Ruben said...

will showering in Axe get me that girl?

Squishy said...

My grandmother always warned me about antiperspirants, she told me they would give me cancer. Plain deodorant just doesn't work as well though!

Timothy Bowen said...

I'm a big, hairy guy. I use both deodorant, and antiperspirant

Kyran said...

My mom always told me this when I was young. She'd never buy antiperspirant. It seems like everything causes cancer these days, is this just correlation?


nowaysj said...

It's not just cancer though, nutters, applying aluminium to your lymph nodes has to have some pretty serious consequences.

Anonymous said...

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