Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question of the Day: Do you believe in evolution?

Tell me if you believe in evolution, and why or why not! If not, what do you believe in?

52 scientific replies:

Natural One said...

My question is: Why aren't apes still evolving into humans. I believe in God and also that evolution is possible - yes...I went there

GENETICS said...

@Natural One: Good question. I don't know if I have the answer to that one, but I'll research around! Which religion are you?

Natural One said...

A little bit of all of them I think :)

Electric Addict said...

yes i believe evolution. we can see it slowly happening in every day life

Diego Sousa said...

off course i believe! it's proven that living especies do evolve! but, this theory isn't definitive, we need more answers!

FinBis said...

I believe in evolution, not just because appearing out of nowhere seems, well, dumb, but because it just seems natural!

Everything Yoga said...

I can't believe this is still a question up for debate after how far science has come!

GMSoccerPicks said...

Of course i believe. Why wouldnt i? There is enough proof to show it actually happened and keeps happening. Evolution is not only physical but mental too. Thats the way nature itself adapts to all the changes.

Haunter said...

Yes. Especially considering the proposed alternative.

GENETICS said...

@Everything Yoga: People have the choice to always ignore science, and religion is very powerful, so I am just wondering about how people who visit this website feel on the matter!

Alexis said...

I believe in evolution... But I also believe in a grand design. I mean, just look at chemistry and physics. That stuff just couldn't 'happen' naturally...

Gryt said...

I kind of believe in a natural selection/survival of the fittest idea.

ElliotGreen said...

There is no doubt in my mind that evolution is a fact. Evolution can be proven. Creationism.....Can't be proven but instead taken on faith. This is the age of science people...You know longer have to take things have faith when virtually anything can be tested.

Shockgrubz said...

I believe in the adaptation of a species to their surroundings, and for those adaptations to be passed down to future generations through their genes.

TheUndeclaredWinner said...

Yes, I believe in evolution.

I'm not posting any more than that because I'm getting tired of arguing with religious zealots and stupid people.

ChazWellington said...

yes, i do believe that evolution takes place because we can see animals adapt to the environments around them and it makes sense for humans to do the same throughout time

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Er, is there a blog missing? Where's the Cosmic Redshift installment?

Anyway, I do believe in evolution...but I also believe that there's always more under Heaven than is encompassed by any one philosophy.

Perhaps everyone is right. Keeping in mind the beliefs of Scientologists, Hindus and Mormons, that's kinda freaky. Hell, damn near all beliefs have their weird angles to 'em, and not just theistic ones at that!

We shall see. Perhaps no one is right, in the end. We all just gotta see on our own, 's all.

Inverse said...

I believe in evolution till a better theory comes around.

The reason you don't see apes evolving into humans is because apes don't evolve into humans. The one man everyone thinks about when the word "Evolution" is mentioned is Darwin and he suggested that, judging from his research, apes and humans share the same ancestor and at one point that ancestor took 2 different evolutionary paths. One ended up being a human and the other a monkey.

Zack said...

Its an interesting topic, and I'm afraid, for the time being, we won't truly know how we got here.

GENETICS said...

@Bellingham: You remembered! Unfortunately, I got too much hate so I'm rewriting the installment.

But redshift is why there's no conservation of energy. It assumes the speed of light is infinite. Light travels through space, and space is expanding. Light from galaxies near the time of the Big Bang is emitted at wavelength X. It travels through the vacuum of space for billions and billions of light years, not interacting with anything, until it finally hits Earth and is absorbed. The wavelength of the light as it hits Earth is MORE than the wavelength than when it was emitted. Since light's energy is inversely proportional with its wavelength, there is a loss of energy. The light itself did not change, but the geometry of the underlying space changed (due to expansion of the universe).

Yeah, still working on the explanation. As for now, a simple question on what you guys believe in.

ThingsYouWant said...

I sure hope everyone understands the concept of evolution at least, instead of basing their entire lifes off faith.

+followed :)

Internet Catch Of The Day said...

Evolution as a theory has stood the test of time, when a better explanation comes along I will look into that as well. I believe the theory of evolution because it is the best and most rational explanation we have yet that explains the richness and diversity in the living things around us, it also does not require taking a leap of faith, nor does it require leaving certain things unexplained in order for it to work. We have many gaps in our knowledge of the natural world, but we are always looking closer, looking more deeply and questioning the evidence before us. The theory of evolution does not require us to ignore certain facts and focus on others, the theory of evolution itself is capable of evolving to fit the evidence that we see, unlike other theories that are set in stone, and have are not capable of being subject to intense scrutiny without having to resort to selectively disregarding some facts in favour of others.

To Tipota said...

I believe in the theory of evolution. I also believe that it will take technology in order for the human species to evolve further.

Clueless Dolphin said...

I think there's overwhelming scientific basis that supports evolution and there will always be people that disagree for the simple reason that their religious affiliation disagrees with the practices of rational thinking. But to each their own I guess. Followed! Great discussion blog you've got here.

B-squared said...

with out a doubt, sorry but to believe 1 man created everything (not even going to go into it) is a little hard to believe.

marrujoa said...

I believe in evolution. Just too much evidence.

M Fawful said...

Of course evolution is true. It has been proven with modern genetics.

thereisaspideronmyface said...

I agree with about 90% of what these people said.

Jammer said...

I believe that it is true and not true.

GENETICS said...

@Jammer: What do you mean?

SoreLosersGaming said...

I think we're at a point were there is so much evidence for evolution that believing otherwise is kinda pointless.

GENETICS said...

@SoreLosersGaming: You should tell that to my church group.

Andre said...

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convictus said...

Yes, Selective breeding and basically every dog you see today let's me feel really secure in this feeling.

Randall A. said...

I do believe in evolution. I think it's an important part of not only the study of life, but the study of the future impact of life on the galaxy, or perhaps even the universe. We can thank or evolutionary roots when (if) we finally solve the mysteries of the universe.

MacTuffy said...

Evolution is a fact of life, animals continue to do things that very slowly modify DNA and pass it on to future offspring.

BDTC said...

Evolution? Yup. Adaptation to your environment is necessary to survive

Charles Godfrey said...

My girlfriend is a Christian. She accepts that microevolution is a fact: ie, that a being adapts to its environment.
She doesn't believe in macroevolution, though: ie, that one being can turn into another over time. So humans were always humans and will always be humans and we don't share a common ancestor with the greater apes.

As far as I know all religious people accept that microevolution is a fact, it's macroevolution what they put in doubt and they are entitled to it because there's no definite proof of it. I believe it's the best explanation there is and it's a great theory and I accept it, but it's just having faith in it, just like religious people have faith in creationism.
Incidentally, I don't agree that creationism and intelligent design oppose evolution at all.

My girlfriend and I discussed this topic a lot, so I could actually write my own blog post about this, haha.

Publius said...

Of course! It's obviously true, no longer a theory, but fact for everyone with any sense/education. Keep up the great blog!

Derrick O said...

seriously who doesn't?

Ruben said...

i do. i try not to preach or judge, but i think less of people who dont. Ok, so i do judge

Ghevrix said...

I believe in evolution. I think it's perfectly plausible. My biggest problem with creationists is they seem to take the fact that I believe in evolution personally. As if I believe in science to spite them. It's from people like that that heated arguments ensue. Of course, I'm sure there's people like that on both sides of the issue as well.

Andy said...

Great photo! And I obviously do believe in evolution, we see it happen so often in our daily lives. We make penicillin, then bacteria evolves to combat it.

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