Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love science? Write for TTAG!

We're hiring!

The Truth About Genetics (TTAG) is looking for a few enthusiastic writers to join our team. If you're good, we'll pay you at least $20 per article you write! If you demonstrate a consistent schedule, you'll get a weekly sum.

Interested? Just submit an original sample of an article that either reviews a primary research article or explains a concept in biology or physics. Articles on TTAG can be either colloquial or formal, so the sample can be written in your own style. Either way, applicants must write authoritatively and clearly and demonstrate a passion for science.

Send your writing sample and introduce yourself to writers@thetruthaboutgenetics.com. We'll get back to you shortly.

19 scientific replies:

My 2 Pesos said...

I need the money, but I can't write. :/

Gareth Thomas said...

Same. I don't think my knowledge extends far enough to anything that would be worthwhile haha.

mjunta said...

Love science :D

Inverse said...

Sounds like fun but I don't have the qualifications sadly :(

jose mata said...

Hmm might give this a try just need to practice on my English

Timothy Bowen said...

I could write about theoretical physics if you want.

Heaven. said...

What a great opportunity!

BDTC said...

If only I knew how to write about Genetics :|

GMSoccerPicks said...

Im sorry but i cant help you with this one. I don't know squat about those topics :(

Bersercules said...

I can write, but I don't know science. Can it be made up science?

Neon said...

Thats a nice idea. But how do you record if the guy has a passion for science or just for the money that you offer ;)
And you know, the only things I could write about are the ones that you already educated me on
God damn, I suck

Hasidic Plumber said...

I can write about magic. I know that trick where you hide a handkerchief in your finger but in the end it was only a fake thumb.

Scott said...

Sadly, history major here. I like to write, but not about science!

The Dynamic Trend said...

I'm taking Bio right now!

Max Silver said...

Wish I had the prerequisite skillset :P

TheUndeclaredWinner said...

When you're fishing in an ocean of piss, all you'll get is shit. (To put it nicely...)

Tó Rock said...

I can't write about science :(

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